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(BA) Drawing 

2015 – 2018 Falmouth University  

(BA) Fine Art 

Jan – July 2017 Hogent, University of Ghent, Belgium   


(Foundation) Fine Art 

2014 – 2015 Weston-Super-mare   Received a distinction  


Exhibitions, Art Markets, Art Fairs 


Art and Chocolate – Window exhibition 24/05/21 – 30/05/21 (exhibition)



ABUNDANCE – Tribe Aisthetica 02/08/21 – 04/10/21 



MEGALITH – Tribe Aisthetica 04/10/21 – 06/12/21 

Shangril art market at Lost Horizons 09/10/21 (stall holder)


FEAST, Tribe Aisthetica 06/12/21 – 14/02/22 ]

Bristol Artists collaborative group exhibition (curator and artist) 10/12/21 – 12/12/21

Shangril art market at Lost Horizons 18/10/21 (stall holder)


Imagined worlds – The mount without art exhibition 9/01/22 – 09/04/22



Rockaway Sunday sessons art market 13/03 



PRSC – the peoples republic of stokes croft art exhibition 7/04 – 17/04 

BCAF – Bath contemporary art market 10/04 

Exhiboobtion: art market 30/04 



Art for Protest: art market 1/05 

Creators Market 7/05 

BCAF – Bath contemporary Art Fair 8/05 


Shangril art market at lost Horizon 4/06

BCAF – Bath contemporary Art Fair 12/06



Katy L. Day Illustrations

Katy L. Day is a contemporary illustrator and artist based in Bristol. With an eye for detail, Katy’s work is a mix of traditional painting and drawing, digital collage, and digital painting. Her work is inspired by botanical and fantastical elements, as well as her own imagination.

Katy graduated from Falmouth University where she studied Illustration and Visual Communication, and now has a studio space at D-Unit Studios in Bristol. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions, and continues to explore the creative world with her art.

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